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Foundation Course Training on Medical Missions

The IMM foundation course is transformational, rather than merely disseminating information and imparting knowledge. It uses an interactive adult learning approach with the active involvement of Faculty (facilitators) with practical experiences in missions to foster a mentoring relationship with the participants. 

The Faculty are individuals who share the visions of IMM and have the desired commitment towards the Foundation course in Medical Missions.

Some of the special features of the course are interactive teaching methods, strong biblical emphasis, and practical assignments including a one day field trip. The student will be required to be an active learner and will be assigned a personal tutor or mentor.  

The course allows you to develop a broader understanding of God’s purposes in missions and its application to your life. Questions time from seasoned Nigerian missionaries


Modules covered include, but not restricted to:

Provides the students with an understanding of the biblical story and enables them to appreciate the cohesiveness of God’s word. It highlights God’s purposes for man and the world, his plan of restoration, reconciliation and the centrality of Jesus in God’s mission.

The student confronts the question, who is Jesus Christ? It explores the spiritual, social and economic context in which he lived and carried out his ministry. The learner will also understand God’s purposes as demonstrated through the life of Christ and in the process will identify principles on which they can model their life and work.

Learn the importance of Christian disciplines as you push forward seeking to fulfill God’s will. Disciplines like morning devotions, bible study, prayer, meditation, fasting, simplicity and solitude are the solid foundations on which any Christian would seek to build their life.

This module is designed to help the learner understand their vocation in the context of God’s call and election.  It explores common motivators and driving forces in our lives and encourages the learner to submit to God’s will for their lives

Understand that mission is the central theme in the Bible. The module enquires into the basis of mission involvement and what it encompasses. It seeks to critical review the scriptural basis of Christian mission work.

The module looks at historical roots and the evolution of medical mission in concept and strategy. It seeks to creatively explore newer paradigms and other expression of involvement in health care as part of God’s mission, encouraging the learner to reflect on their own role in the future.

Describes to the learner the health and development needs in Nigeria and Africa in general, examining the social, economic and spiritual determinants of ill health and examining areas of neglect and gaps in the current health system of the country. It also explores different approaches to pioneering and improving health care in low resource communities

This modules attempt’s to build a framework for ethical decision making in medical practice by the application of biblical principles and an improved understanding of the existing law. It reviews ethical issues in the context of the existing medical mal-practices in Nigeria.

Other course activities:

  • Tour of the hosting  medical institution (or outfit).
  • Missions awareness
  • Creating a forum for closer acquaintance and mentoring of the participants by members of the Faculty.
  • Field trips to expose participants to different perspectives of Medical Missions.
  • Invitation to mission agencies to speak about their work to raise the consciousness of the mission’s needs in the participants.

Field Trips: Participants at Foundation courses in Medical Missions take trips to rural clinics, hospital outstations, lepers’ colonies, and pioneer church-planting environments among the unreached people groups. The objectives of these trips are: 

  1. To identify and acquaint participants with important social, cultural, economic, and spiritual determinants of ill health.
  2. To identify factors that make health care delivery inaccessible to rural communities.
  3. To enable participants to learn first hand about life in rural areas and thus remove misconceptions and preconceived potions they have had before then.
  4. To enable participants to experience the challenges of mission work among poor rural people. After the trip, each participant is expected to present a written report during debriefing.

Who can attend?

The Foundation Course targets Medical students in the clinical years, recent medical, dental, pharmacy, and nursing graduates (Pre & Post House jobs, Interns, and NYSC). Health care workers of other levels in career are also encouraged to participate.

Each IMM venue poses an advantage of proximity to participants schooling in the geopolitical zone. Quota may be applied to give widespread representation but admission is on first come basis.

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Next training date:
31st August – 2nd September, 2023

The Saline Process™ healthcare witness training is designed to equip and mobilize Christian healthcare workers as witnesses of the love and reality of Jesus at the bedsides and in the clinics where they work.

Christian Healthcare Workers learn to:

  • Cover their patients and colleagues with personal and team prayer.
  • Take spiritual histories along with medical histories.
  • Discern an individual’s barriers to faith in Jesus.
  • Plant Faith Flags that can lead to conversation about Jesus.
  • Tell personal Faith Stories that connect with the patient’s circumstance.
  • Pray with patients and their families.
  • Give Truth Prescriptions: words of Scripture to comfort and speak truth.
  • Encourage people to consider a decision to follow Jesus.
  • Give a patient the opportunity to trust in Jesus.
  • Build a spiritual referral team and refer patients to the team and local churches.

The Saline Process Difference:

  • Recognizes that the transformation of a skeptic to a believer is a journey.
  • Focuses on guiding principles and tools, not a methodology.
  • Becomes an overflow of God’s work through us, not personally overwhelming.
  • Transforms believers into intentional witnesses—to be a witness rather than to witness.
  • Celebrates people taking even the smallest step toward Jesus.
  • Cultivates a vision & an identity as a witness for Jesus which, in turn, inspires living as a witness.


This is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more.

This is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more.

This is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more.

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