How We Started

In the mid-2005, the leadership of Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria (CMDA-Nigeria) was very concerned that not many Nigeria Christian health workers were using their God given skills to advance the cause of Christian Missions. The antecedent was due to the poor economic outlook in the country that has given more prominence to survival on the individual level. This eventually led to migration of numerous health professionals and the consequence was a major brain drain which robbed the the country of the skills of her seasoned, experienced and well proven intellectuals.

CMDA rose up to this challenge and decided to train her members on core values of Christianity and how much impact the medical professional  can make. This led the CMDA sending a team comprising of Dr. Josiah Gana, Dr. Francis Kashimawo and Dr. Asemota Osemwen to understudy the Indian Model of the IMM which had been a significant tool in sourcing for indigenous senior health personnel in Indian missions.

In the 2006, IMM conducted her first training. The pioneer Dean, Dr. Francis Kashimawo saw to it that the training was conducted in the three administrative zones of CMDA Nigeria.

The Journey So Far

  • 49 Sessions so far in Nigeria including one organized specially for nurses and two abridged sessions in Sokoto and Zaria.
  • One session held in Cameroun
  • About 1,210 medics trained
  • 12 management team members
  • 44 members of faculty
  • 8 associate faculty members
  • Robust alumni group

Our Goal

The Goal of the Institute of Medical Missions is to mobilize, equip and build disciples among Christian Health Professionals in Nigeria (and beyond)  for the expansion of God’s kingdom.

The listed roles of the Institute of Medical Missions are:

  1. Training
  2. Research, documentation and publication.
  3. Facilitating short-term internship/mentorship.

Our Objectives

  • To mobilize health workers to use their skills in advancing the course of the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • To raise IMM Alumni as career missionaries
  • To help existing Christian Mission health outfits to train and maintain their committed workers.
  • To influence and partner with sister Christian Medical Associations in Africa to start IMM.

Looking Ahead

The vision and call to Missions’ are near dead among Christian Health professionals. There are increasingly fewer missionary doctors, nurses, pharmacists in Mission organizations, especially in the African sub-region. The heart for sacrifice is fast ebbing away among Christian medics and health professionals. Few volunteers for the gospel course.

While IMM foundation course,  faculty training and development, and the zonal coordination plan are in place and still evolving,  there is a need to think beyond this current position to enable IMM to meet the growing demand in the Church and be strategically placed to be engrafted into the fabrics of the Church universal and be globally relevant, beyond being just a thriving integral part of CMDA Nigeria.

IMM has vast potential to become the capacity-building hub and platform for CMDA and the Church to launch men to fulfill the great commission. The opportunity abound to provide adequate training as many out there are called of God or burdened towards missions, but lacking requisite training and mentorship and the platform for such Kingdom service. 

IMM’s ability to take advantage of the strategic position will involve developing sustainable structures, systems, processes, and programs that can meet the ever-evolving landscape of the global Church in these end times. An innovative and adaptive framework for the strategic development of platforms to minister to current and upcoming needs.

You have a part to play
  • You can get trained
  • You can pray
  • You can give to sponsor a training or a participant, in part or in full.

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