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The Institute of Medical Missions (IMM) is a ministry of the CMDA Nigeria, that mobilizes, trains, and provides mentorship for doctors, medical students, and other health workers for long-term missionary commitment.
The goal of the Institute is to mobilize, equip and build disciples among Christian Health Professionals in Nigeria (and beyond) to expand God’s kingdom.
Started in 2006 and, for 16 years to the glory of God, has been offering a Foundation course in Medical Missions training over 1200 medical students, doctors, nurses, and other cadres of health care workers.

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To mobilize and train health care workers to use their skills in advancing the course of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

To encourage Medical and health workers into short and long-term Christian Missions using their skills.

To facilitate the expansion and replication of the institute across the continent.

To support Christian Mission health organizations in training and capacity building for maintaining committed staff.


Strategies for achieving the goals of IMM are to mobilize, train, and mentor Doctors, medical students, and health workers to be mission-minded and commit themselves to long-term mission work in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. IMM has set up a Foundation Course in Medical Missions as one of the ways to carry out this mandate.


Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria (CMDA Nigeria)

Fellowship of Christian Nurses of Nigeria (FCN)

Christian Missionary Foundations (CMF)

Calvary Ministries (CAPRO)

Ministry Roles

The stated purpose of the IMM was “to mobilize, equip and build disciples among Christian Health Professionals in Nigeria for the expansion of God’s kingdom”. The listed roles of the Institute of Medical Missions were:


The institute mobilizes medical students, doctors, nurses and other health professionals for a  Foundation Course on Medical Missions’.

The institute is also involved in mobilization for other trainings (Advanced Courses) to equip the Christian health worker to be an effective disciple. Some of these include; Saline Training, Ministry to Muslims in Diaspora, Exposure to Cross-cultural Missions, Tent-Making, amongst others.

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We conduct research amongst Christian health workers and students aimed at identifying the ever evolving challenges they face in sharing the gospel at their places of work. Results of such surveys form guidelines for review of teaching materials and methods.


Following completing of any of the courses, participants are assigned mentors who help guide them to achieve the goals stated in their Personal Development Plans.

Internship opportunities are also made available to participants and members of Alumni. Such opportunities include, but are not restricted to, short-term visits to mission fields, joining outreaches to Muslim communities in diaspora, and serving at a Missions’ Hospital.

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There is an ever increasing need for prayers for missions', missionaries and mission fields. Visit the Wailing Wall for points to pray about.

Attend Training

You can sign-up for the foundational course training in medical missions or sign-up for any of the advanced courses.


You can give to support the institute. Areas of need include, training logistic sponsorship, sponsoring participants, funding the secretariat, adopting a missionary.


Volunteer opportunities are available to IMM Alumni. Volunteer opportunities are available for secretarial duties and short-term missions exposures.


You may volunteer to go to a missions’ field, a missions’ hospital or to work in an in an administrative capacity for the institute.

Go to the Volunteer page and fill the Volunteer form. A member of the secretariat would reach out to you for further engagement. 

You may adopt a field or a missionary. Go to the ‘Get Involved‘ page to find out more.

The mode of delivery and duration are course specific. The Foundation Course in Medical Missions is a Hybrid training with 7 days virtual training and 2 days physical training.

The advanced courses are mostly virtual and are varied in duration.

Yes. Certificates are awarded to those who successfully completed the training.

The trainings are tailored for the medically inclined. However, there are no restrictions to enrollment.

To be a training member of faculty, reach out to the secretariat by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected].

Yes. People who complete a course are given access to the training materials.

Yes you can. Reach out to the secretariat on which missionary/field you would like to reach.

There are currently no events.